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Welcome to CSRA's Supplier Profile Page


This site serves as an entree for companies interested in doing business with CSRA, including small businesses and suppliers of diverse backgrounds.

During registration you will be prompted to provide the following types of information on your company. Separate Tabs are provided for each step in the questionnaire under the following general headings:

  • Company Information (required by all) - List company and trade name.
  • Product Services - Provide a detailed list of those products & services offered.
  • Key Discriminators - What differentiates company from its competitors?   i.e. Industry Certifications
  • Client Portfolio – List major customers, both at the prime and subcontract levels.
  • Opportunity Fit – Describe tasks that the company can perform on one or more specific opportunities.

    You will be able to advance to the submit page after completing the basic Company Information and Product/Services pages. To do so press the submit button at the bottom of the page. A complete profile will best serve CSRA users.

    You may wish to view a printable worksheet to gather your information prior to registering with us.   Complete a draft in Word, prior to uploading, allowing the use of this information for future updates.   Use descriptive phrases, list all core competences. Do not simply state that the company provides IT Services.    Past performance with CSRA should be noted. Once you begin the form it must be completed, copying and pasting from the Word document is suggested.

    The information from the company profile is available on CSRA's intranet as a resource for any CSRA unit seeking companies to do business with.   Search constraints used are: company name, business classification, NAICS Code, keyword, past performance with CSRA, etc.

    The information contained in this profile does not, in and of itself, approve, qualify, or guarantee business with CSRA.

    Perishability- We assign a one year perishability to all data received. You are encouraged to re-submit company information annually.


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